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Trade Show has been re-scheduled and has been tentatively set for May 30th – 31st.

The Spring Canadian Pet Expo is that mark on all pet family’s calendars officially sharing the outdoor family and pet family member season is here!

Crack open the leashes for the long family strolls, bring out the best pet clothing to mix with the pet divas at the local pet park, prepare the pond projects, start planning the outdoor avian cages and let’s schedule that fresh new groom look.

The Spring Canadian Pet Expo family is honoured to share the festivities, events and pet fabulous weekend May 30th – 31st with all pets. The CPE Marketplace, the Canine AllStars Show, the TICA cat show, the CPE Small Animal Village, the scent detection seminars, the groom spa and that’s just a small list of the huge list of pet events we are proud to share with at our largest CPE ever!

For the future pet families that are considering which pet best fits their family homes, rest assured the breeders, interest clubs, vets and present pet families will be on hand to share their knowledge and experiences. Promoting responsible pet ownership starts at the Spring Canadian Pet Expo.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet family members at the Pretty Paw Booth 211!