Pretty Paw’s Graphite Rock is influenced by the mystical Native Grey Wolf, which has the strongest supernatural powers, represents loyalty, immense strength, high intelligence and above all, a strong devotion to family. The Elevation Jacket is designed with exquisite snap-on buttons that easily fasten at the front securely and a half moon-shaped pocket to store your pet’s favourite treats, doggy bags and special toys. It is composed of a durable, water-resistant outer material and inside lining with a pillowy fill for an added feeling of warmth and comfort. They come in a ray of beautiful, alluring shades inspired by the autumn colours stitched to perfection and complimented with a simplistic hoody. The jacket is created with extended cuffs for the front legs and a slit for the centre rings positioned at the back that matches perfectly to any Pretty Paw harness as the ideal ensemble set.