The London Bordeaux harness is a wool-like material with an intricate Herringbone pattern that dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used in the textiles and jewelry of ancient Egyptian elite. The texture of the variant twill weave is composed of concentrated fibers made for distinguished outerwear of interlocking pattern that relies on crisscrossing chevrons creating the ability to absorb the compression of movement. The richness of the striking crimson hues absorbed within the weaving is accented with touches of dark undertone lining creating an intriguing illusion. The pairing of the chestnut brown trim compliments these shades exuding a feeling of affection that is also seen in the warm beige embroidery accented throughout this piece. The name “bordeaux” comes from the Slavic root in the Russian language meaning “beautiful”, which has often been associated with belle amour for our beloved pets.